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First Batch Delivered

Today, April 30th, I delivered the first batch of supermarket gift cards to the Chelsea Collaborative. Twenty-nine $100 supermarket gift cards were delivered to "La Colaborativa" on Broadway in Chelsea. I saw today that the need in Chelsea is much greater than I imagined. However, there are many amazing people helping "La Colaborativa" prepare meal packages for those in need. Chelsea is a large immigrant community just north of Boston that has been hit hard by both unemployment and COVID-19, and they need all the help they can get.

Also mailed today were eight gift cards for members of the Stride for Stride community and individuals who requested a card via

Next Monday I'll be purchasing another batch of gift cards when the weekly donation is deposited. Once again most of those cards will be delivered directly to The Chelsea Collaborative.

Thank you for your support - we could never have done it without you. The need in Chelsea is great - I witnessed it today - so please forward Heart to Cart to anyone who might be able support the campaign.

Thank you. Stay safe.

- Tom O'Keefe

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