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Thank you!

In our first 5 days, Heart to Cart has raised over $6,000 for families in need. Thank you.

Starting April 27th, I'll begin purchasing and delivering the $100 supermarket gift cards. At least half of the first batch of cards will go to support families in Chelsea, MA via the Chelsea Collaborative, a Chelsea-based non-profit that has been helping supply food to members in their community. According to the Chelsea Collaborative via a CBS Boston article;

"It’s estimated that 80% of the 45,000 residents work in the service industry which has been severely impacted by coronavirus. “We have to think about 30,000 people that are unemployed, not working, both husband and wife have lost her job,” said Vega, “and children at home eating everything.”

Additional cards will be sent to some the Stride for Stride immigrant, and those who request a card via our contact form. Updates will be published to this site.

Thank you for your support,

- Tom O'Keefe

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